The Caribbean is the place to go if you are looking for the perfect beach to relax at; the sun shines with all its might, the sand is white, cloudy and soft and the water is as blue as blue can get. When you couple this with the countless resorts, spas and hotels that have been constructed to make your vacation perfect, you have yourself one astounding place to be at.

The Caribbean is made up of various islands that encapsulate the beauty of the area, here are our top 10 islands that will do you justice:

  1. Shoal Bay

Shoal Bay is located in Anguilla. This is the perfect getaway for those who are seeking some privacy and luxury at the same time, thus a popular attraction for celebrities and those on their honeymoon. It is a beautiful beach that stretched 16 miles that are populated with resorts that will cater to your every need; so pack your mesh beach bag and head on over for a wonderful time.  

  1. Eagle Beach

Perhaps one of the most popular ones, Eagle Beach is in Aruba. What makes it unique is the fact that it has the same weather all year round thus making it possible to go to the beach no matter what month it is. You can just pack your things in an extra-large beach tote go to the quiet beach to enjoy your day.

  1. Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay, located in St John, is the beach to go if you want to witness the glory of the beautifully colorful coral reefs. They are well preserved and accessible to all those who want to go snorkeling to see them.

  1. Crane Beach

Crane Beach is in Barbados. It is the beach that promotes excitement and adventure. There are various facilities that are offered like snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, and even scuba diving. It is the beach for those who want to explore. If you plan on going, make sure your extra-large beach tote has everything you need to embark upon these escapades.

  1. Palominos Island

Located in Puerto Rico, it is the most VIP beach in the Caribbean. Only members of the El Conquistador Resort and Golden Door Spa, it is the most exclusive beach that offers nothing but royalty. A >mesh beach bag, sunscreen, and a chilled drink is all you need to have the time of your life at Palominos Island.

  1. Philipsburg

If you are looking for a beach dominated by culture, go to Philipsburg in St Maarten. It had two sides; the Dutch and the French. You can enjoy the best of both countries while visiting this beach.

  1. Nassau

The Bahamas are known for their beauty and the level of relaxation you can obtain there. The most famous attraction at Nassau is the Blue Hole, stretching 100 miles below the water surface. Make sure to pack an extra-large beach tote, complete with snorkeling gear.

  1. Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is in the British Virgin Islands and is home to various resorts that offer diverse activities. The beach has the clearest water and the underground landscape makes for an adventurous snorkeling trip.

  1. Harrismith Beach

Located in Barbados, Harrismith is unlike the typical beach populated with resorts. It offers nature in its true way. The untouched beach just has a stone pathway to help you guide yourself and a few guesthouses far away for you to stay at.

  1. Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe Bay is in Bermuda. It is famous because of the pink sandy beach that contrast beautifully with the light blue water of the sea. It is an attraction for those looking for something to make their surroundings unique.