There is nothing better than a relaxing day at the beach in the summers; lying under the sun to get that perfect tan, feeling your feet sink in the warm yet soft sand and a quick cool swim or dip in the ocean. It’s the perfect get away on a hot summer day.

Some enjoy the preparation that goes into going to the beach; the packing that needs to be done and the precautions that need to be taken build up the anticipation of the day. For others, the reality is quite different. They think about all the dirt, spreading everywhere. They think about the hassle and deem it to be too great of a disturbance to do.

Here are our top ten beach hacks that will make your outing as easy and exciting as possible:

  1. Create a packing list

If you make a list of all the things you will need to pack for your beach, your job will be twice as easy. Once you have it made, all you have to go it check the items off as you store them in your XXL beach tote, ready for the car. It ensure you don’t forget the essentials, like sun screen!

  1. Attach a carabiner clip to your bag

Attaching a pouch to your waterproof beach bag by a carabiner clip can be an unexpected stress reliever. You can collect and store all the small items, like keys, money, jewelry and more, in the pouch. You will spare yourself the frantic search 2 minutes before leaving.

  1. Carry Ziploc bags

If you take plastic bags that can be sealed, you can protect your gadgets from water. It gives you the opportunity to keep them by your side all the while ensuring their protection.

  1. Invest in a waterproof bag

Your bag will hold everything you need for the beach. It will also store everything until you have reached your home where it is safe to unload the wet, dirt covered clothes, towels and shoes. Making sure it’s a waterproof beach bag will prevent from a mess being created.

  1. Carry an XXL beach tote

Buying an XXL beach tote will be great considering the amount of things that each individual needs to pack for the beach. With an XXL beach tote, you can combine everyone’s baggage into one big beach tote thus allowing you to efficiently use space.

  1. Freeze Aloe Vera

Freeze some aloe vera before leaving for the beach. When you come back home, experiencing sun burn, you will have the perfect solution. It will give you the cool comfort you need after a hot day and will even help you recover from sun burn faster.

  1. Carry baby powder

Although subject to much debate, baby powder is an excellent for the removal of sand after you are done with the beach. Just generously put some on and the moisture and sand should vanish in no time.

  1. Add pockets to towels

You can stitch pockets into your beach towels so that you can keep all your belongings near you, ready when you need them. It would also help you keep count of what’s there and what’s missing.

  1. Use frozen water balloons as ice

Store frozen water balloons instead of ice in your coolers; it will help keep everything chilled and will allow you to have a water fight later on.

  1. Build a tent

Take a large piece of cloth to make a tent for yourself so that you have a place to retreat to if you need a break from the sun and prevent sunburns.