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Beach Bags


Beach bags, totes and mesh bags

Many women will understand: going to the beach is not so easy, especially if you need to take a lot of things: sunblock, sunglasses, a towel, a water bottle, a snack, a T-shirt ... This list seems endless. Of course, to put all this together one needs a beach bag. A beach bag set is an equally important part of one`s overall look. This is an integral accessory at sea resorts, beach areas. Many fashionistas are looking for special models that, in addition to practicality, are fashionably designed. And if there are no problems with diversity, then there are always claims to practicality. The fact is that on the beach is always a threat that you can get your things wet, so one need to choose beach bags and totes for women responsibly and carefully. And, of course, do not forget about beauty and fashion. The question arises: which product to choose when basing on design, practical properties, size, material, and other characteristics. After all, one really wants that accessory to be a highlight. Besides, any rest will seem more enjoyable if one wears things that are liked.

What is the difference between a beach bag and ordinary ladies' bags?

Beach bags made from sails and other fabric is designed for a long stay in the sun. The stuff from which it is made is more durable, wear-resistant. The purpose of such an item is to keep things safe and sound during one`s entire vacation. For example, an ordinary lady`s office purse subject to such conditions may lose color in the bright sun.

Why is it important to buy a beach bag?

  • As was mentioned earlier, they are UV-resistant. Sunrays can damage the contents or the material of which it is made. Therefore, a special packable beach tote will be useable much longer.

  • Its ability to reflect UV rays means that things, including food, will not overheat and will not go bad.

  • There are beach bags with waterproof lining. This means that they will not leak moisture. They can be left on wet sand, the seashore and you are not afraid that the contents will be soaked through when it is the tide of the wave. Of course, one cannot completely immerse it under the water, since this type is only water-resistant, and not waterproof.

  • The availability of specialized pockets for beach items is a very convenient advantage. These are separate compartments for creams, gels, glasses, etc.

We have already found out that the best totes for travel are an important attribute of sea recreation. To do this, it is recommended to have the highest quality, reliable and simply beautiful one. Let's now understand the main characteristics.


They must be durable, so check them carefully. To begin with, proceed from the fact that the belt should sit comfortably on the shoulder without creating discomfort. Usually, they are made of leather or a corresponding soft material. The strap is often long so that it can be conveniently thrown over the shoulder. If it breaks, then the whole product will lose its function, so also pay attention to how it is fixed.

To create a beautiful image, some designers use various options for the strap, such as a chain or an interwoven rope, which also looks very stylish. Sometimes a strap can give an entire fashion look even more beautiful if its elements match with the elements in clothes.

Experiment with different ideas, maybe you will find your style. But the main rule of any accessory is to be comfortable and be preferable to the owner.

Beach bags straps


Any woman and man also appreciate the order in the bag. It is not only convenient (which is also a huge advantage), but also safe for the things you carry. When choosing a beach bag, do not forget about the small pockets. They usually have their purpose: for the phone, gel, shampoos, etc. Thus, opening your bag, you certainly will not see your phone drenched in sunblock. You can also find the desired thing much faster without turning over everything.

Some have hidden pockets. This is a small guarantee that your valuables will remain intact while you swim in the sea or leave it unattended. If you plan to spend a long time in the water, then choose this nautical beach bag. This will help you relax and not worry about your wallet and phone.

If you like cool drinks then look for special outdoor pockets. They are isolated and keep your cocktail cool for as long as possible. Yes, there are such special devices. There are also inside pockets that perform a similar function. They have a special gasket that separates the drink from other things and minimally passes heat. And in some cases, there is even the opportunity to put a piece of ice around the bottle and, of course, without danger of damaging other things inside. So convenient. Doesn`t it?

Beach bags compartments


Tote for travel is made of different materials and is not limited to only one type of fabric. Often manufacturers combine several types of cloth for practical and aesthetic purposes.

  • A cotton bag with zipper is one of the most popular fabrics for sewing this kind of thing. For example, they are easily cleaned of sand and dirt. Also, they are pleasant to the touch and have a soft texture. Often cotton is combined with mesh material. This is good for the bag as a whole because it does not overheat.

  • A sailcloth beach bag is also a very durable material that will last more than one season. Moreover, it is simply perfectly adapted to sea breezes and rains. It is difficult to tear due to the density of the fabric itself and it is also a good choice.

  • Many classy beach bags have a rubber or similar basis and are water resistant. And they turn from ordinary one into beach bags with waterproof lining. Thus, you can leave a waterproof beach bag anywhere without looking for a dry place and go swimming in the sea.

  • Nautical tote bags made of straw are decorated with patterns similar to murals of clothes of national costumes of the peoples of the world. Ethno style is very popular among designers, so choosing a bag with such patterns will give you a fashionable trend for a long time.

  • Casual style nautical beach bags - can have inscriptions of various contents and fashionable prints. Their materials are denim, transparent polymeric stuff, etc. They are often made from the same fabric as beachwear.

  • When choosing a beach bag made of transparent plastic, you need to consider that “transparency” is its main feature, and everything that is inside will be visible. However, this “risk” is often justified: such instances look very avant-garde and are loved by stylish girls who want to stand out from the crowd.

Also, pay attention to the seams. They must be durable and withstand the contents. If at first glance your things weigh little, then keep in mind that when they absorb water (such as a wet towel or swimsuit) they become heavier. This extra weight puts a heavy strain on the seams.


A zipper is perhaps the most popular option. It is incredibly convenient. Firstly, it prevents sand from getting inside, and it’s just protection. The ability to fasten a zipper means that things will definitely not fall out during transportation. Some manufacturers have even developed models with waterproof zippers.

Various laces are also used, or the shape of the bag itself allows you to roll it up and create something similar to a roll top.


The buyer wants a tote for travel that matches the volume of his belongings. Pay attention to carrying capacity. Maybe you should consider that there are options for a set of essentials. Such a tote bag for women is usually small. To thoroughly prepare for rest and take more things with, choose those options that can withstand more weight.

Most models are the same size. To choose exactly yours one needs to proceed from what and how much you are going to wear in it. A tall person can buy an xl beach bag with a long strap in which a lot of things can fit, including a tablet or laptop.

Additional features

Manufacturing companies are not at a stop and are trying to give their products even more originality and convenience. This is due to both signs of progress in the given industry and the desire to stand out among competitors. One way or another, but buyers get more and more new ideas that improve quality of life. Manufacturers think outside of the box and the result of these approaches to production is additional functional solutions.

Additional beach bags features

Such items were key holders attached to the bag in the form of a keychain. Various bottle openers, which are often needed in leisure, were also attached. You can also find additional built-in waterproof or ordinary cases for storing gadgets. It is very convenient and reliable. They may be removable and can be taken with you when practicing water sports.


Beach bags are made of different materials; they are also decorated in different ways, but always brightly - with beads, shells, and rhinestones.

Straw totes for women have a variety of shapes and sizes. These are suitable for a gentle or romantic fashion look. Very often they are decorated with flowers, which only add positive emotions. And if the bag is neat and small, then it is quite suitable for the evening out.

Bags in a sports style are designed for caps and baseball caps lovers, jeans and shorts. Such bags are made of nylon and raincoats in bright colors and are decorated with prints in the form of inscriptions, images of sports emblems, symbols, etc.

Blue and white striped beach bag - has become a classic option. In general, stripes and polka dots are fairly frequent coloring stuff and are universal options for any look. Also, beach bag wine is a good, stylish choice for rest. Now one can choose among the inscriptions, patterns, embroidery, stripes and various other decorations.

Bags in a marine style are presented in a color scheme, including blue, white, black, red and yellow colors; they have prints in the form of contrasting stripes and marine-themed drawings with the image of anchors, etc. Come and choose whatever you like.

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