Even the most minimalistic beachgoer knows that getting to the beach with all of the things we could need can be challenging without a good, comfortable way of storing it. Just start thinking of practical things that you would need at the beach, even if you are going on your own for a day, and you will quickly rack up a list of necessary items. 

To be practical, most of us bring some type of bag with us. Sure, you can use a whole assortment of different bags to bring to the beach, but are they all convenient? Certainly, you wouldn't be bringing your things in a couple of plastic or paper grocery bags? Backpacks can work and are comfortable to carry, but they are easy to misplace, some get ruined in the sand, and can be frustrating to wear if they stick to a wet body. 

That is why most people prefer to use beach bags. They are easier to carry, have more storage capacity, more distinguishable, and are ideally suited for use on the sand. Beach bags are great regardless of their size. They make an excellent investment as well as a great gift for any beach enthusiast you know. 

What To Put In A Gift Beach Bag?

  • Beach lovers always appreciate beach-related gifts, especially those that make their lives more convenient. A beach bag makes an excellent gift for any beachgoer. They likely have a beach bag that they already use for their beach trips, but it may be older, lower quality, or worn out from use. A new beach bag makes a quality replacement and can be stocked with lots of cost-effective and highly practical content.
  • You can start by thinking about what things are most practical to have on a beach. Obvious choices include a new beach towel, a pair of comfortable beach shoes, a refillable water bottle, a pair of sunglasses, and a bottle of sunscreen. People on the beach like to kick back with a good book or a magazine, so you can include a couple of those or one of each in the bag as well. An electronic reader (like a Kindle) is a somewhat more pricey but fantastic option for avid beach readers.
  • Some assorted bags of snacks are a great option as well since beach weather and the ocean air tend to make people especially ravenous. Including healthy choices like assorted fruits promotes tasty snacking and helps hydration.
  • It's also a good idea to think about conveniences. A pair of headphones is also a good inclusion, as many enjoy listening to their favorite tunes while basking in the sun. People are looking for an excellent place to store their phone and wallet to keep them from getting wet. If the beach bag does not already include one, an attachable waterproof pouch for those accessories is another great choice. 
  • Parents with younger kids need something to help them get some relaxing time in the sun, so anything that can keep kids occupied is often appreciated. Including beach toys like buckets, sand shapers, and shovels for kids is a great idea. Including a collapsible beach-tent is another much-appreciated selection for those looking to enjoy a day at the beach without being in perpetual sunlight.

What Is Better To Make A Hand-Made Beach Bag Or Just Buy One?

  • More artistically inclined and crafty people often choose to take the time to make their own beach bags. It is a fun process for those who enjoy it, however, using the materials necessary to make a high-quality bag would almost certainly be more pricey than just purchasing a good one.
  • Whether to make a hand-made beach bag or to buy a beach bag is a matter of personal preference. You can find fantastic and quality beach bags for great prices that provide every feature you could need. If your concern is time and cost, it is generally a better idea to purchase a beach bag.

What's In My Beach Bag Or What Should I Pack?

  • The best beach bag packing is mostly subjective. Different people will prefer different things to bring when packing a beach bag. Many like to sit on the beach for the day, while some want to spend a couple of hours in the sun and head home. However, there are some essentials for anyone. Beachgoers planning to go in the water should bring along a towel and a potential change of clothes. Those who just bask in the sun should pack sunglasses, a hat, a water bottle, a light snack, and a good book. Best to leave wallets at home or in a car, opting to just bring some cash just in case.
  • Beachgoers who spend the day on the beach should consider bringing along all of the above and an easily packed lunch and extra drinks. Those coming with families, including young children, should consider packing some beach games and digging toys for the little ones.

Where Can I Buy A Beach Bag?

  • A sufficient beach bag can be purchased at any major retailer, specialty beach store, or a seasonal market. More specialized beach bags can be found at high-end retailers. They can also be purchased at a wide variety of online retail shops, such as

How To Keep Your Beach Bag Safe At The Beach?

  • People are often concerned about keeping their possessions safe at the beach. They may be going to the beach on their own and have no one to keep an eye on their stuff. It's also possible that they have people with them, but they may go for walks or go swimming in the water together. While beach theft is not that prevalent, there may be the occasion cause for concern. There are a few key ways to keep your beach bag and its contents safe at the beach.
  • The best strategy is removing anything that could be interesting to a potential thief. This means bringing only the essentials on your beach trip. Anything even remotely expensive or irreplaceable should be left at home, at the hotel, or even hidden in your car. Cameras and other pricey equipment should not need to come to the beach as those items only attract more attention.
  • A smart strategy is to dig a hole in the sand bit enough to fit your beach bag about halfway in. Place the bag in the hole and cover it with a towel. You can place some inexpensive things like hats, sunglasses, and other towels around the bump to obstruct it from view. This should keep wandering eyes moving right past your stuff as it will just look like a pile of sand under your towel or just a heap of your beach stuff.
  • Many beach bags come with detachable small waterproof pouches. These can be used to store those essentials that you cannot have stolen (your phone, credit cards, cash, keys). If any of these items are brought to the beach, they can accompany you tied around your wrist in the waterproof pouch.
  • Finally, check if the beach offers storage lockers. The rental of these lockers for the day is very inexpensive, and you can place your valuables in the locker for safekeeping. That way, all you need to bring down to the beach are the few beach necessities.

What To Pack In A Beach Bag For Kids?

  • Kids love the beach, and the main reason is that they get to swim and dig in the sand. They are happy to perform either of these activities for hours at a time. If you are bringing kids to the beach, it's a good idea to bring along some entertainment. 
  • There are two categories here: what the kids need and what the kids want. First off, if the kids will be spending hours in the sun, they need to have sunblock. Also, they will get hungry at some point, so it's essential to pack them a lunch and a couple of snacks, perhaps one healthy one, and one that is more recreational. An excited child can expend energy on the beach so fast that they will quickly get dehydrated, so packing a bottle of water or some juice boxes to give them an energy boost is essential. Keeping most kids out of the water is a strategy doomed from the start, so bringing a towel for after their swimming adventures is always a good plan.
  • Most beaches will have a part of the sand that never goes underwater when the tide comes in. That means this sand is going to be brutally hot in the sun. For that reason, it is a good idea to make sure that kids either wear or have packed a reliable pair of flip flops or water shoes to guard their feet against burning on the hot sand.
  • Kids will likely want to spend a lot of time digging in the sand. Commonly they like to build castles, forts, walls, or dig holes. A few simple beach toys like shovels, buckets, and perhaps shape molds will keep kids occupied for hours of fun. If you and your child go for walks on the beach looking for shells, the bucket can serve as storage for shells found along the way.
  • Playing beach games is also a favorite activity for kids. Packing a ball for sand or water play, or perhaps a frisbee, is a very common form of keeping the kids lively and entertained. 

Are The SHYLERO Bags Waterproof?

  • We at SHYLERO recognize that anything that comes to the beach is bound to get wet, at least a little. We also realize that some people need to bring a lot of stuff with them for their entire beach company, so the SHYLERO bags are made spacious, accommodating, and waterproof. 
  • We sell other items, like mesh bags that, while not waterproof, are high quality and durable. These can serve as great additional bags for families who like to load up on snack choices when going to the beach. SHYLERO also sells a variety of backpacks, most of which are great for the beach if you need an alternative to the beach bag.
  • Whether you buy a beach tote or a beach bag, you can be assured of a quality SHYLERO product that will be generally waterproof to keep all your beach essentials dry and clear.

Which Closure Does SHYLERO Use For Its Bags?

  • SHYLERO beach bags have two types of closers: magnet and zipper. Both are available on a variety of different beach bags. The magnetic clasp closure is a simple one connector magnet for the most straightforward beach bag or beach tote closing measure possible. 
  • Additionally, some SHYLERO beach bags have zipper closures. These help to house your beach items safely and securely, keeping them dry.

Can I Use A Beach Bag Like An Everyday Tote Bag? Is It Comfortable?

  • SHYLERO beach bags do not just work as beach bags. They are comfortable and stylish enough to be used as a beach tote, travel bag, overnight bag, pool bag, or even a vacation bag that can store many of your needed essentials. 
  • The thick but comfortable rope straps assist in a secure, comfortable feel and help to distribute the bag's weight for an easy, stylish, and convenient everyday use.

Are SHYLERO Beach Bags Easy To Clean?

  • SHYLERO beach bags are very easy to clean. Like any beach bag utilized in the sand, it may get sand on it or inside of it at times. The canvas-like fabric on the outside makes it very simple to brush off, and the inside can be shaken out.
  • The bag is washable, so once empty after use, it can be simply cleaned with the rest of the beach clothes. 

What's Inside Of The SHYLERO Bags With The Rope Handles?

  • Not only are SHYLERO beach bags roomy and massive, but they also have a large inner pocket for separate storage from the rest of the contents. For example, if the rest of your bag will hold things like wet towels and clothes after you visit the beach, you can place items that should get wet (books, electronics, etc.) in the inner pocket. 
  • Additionally, there is a waterproof pouch that is great for storing items you want to keep separate (wallet, phone, keys, etc.). This pouch can be brought to the water with you. 
  • There is plenty of storage room inside, but there are two additional pockets on the outside that hold anything from water bottles to sunglasses cases.

Are SHYLERO beach bags durable?

  • SHYLERO prides itself on making it easy to use, carry, and pack bags. The bags are made out of very durable canvas-like fabric and are designed specifically for beach use. This means that the material is conducive to warm temperatures, being slung around, and being around water and sand. 
  • Even SHYLERO's mesh beach bag can be a great light choice for beach necessities. While these are not waterproof, they are sturdy and durable and can serve as an additional light option for most beachgoers. 

Is There A Bonus Waterproof Phone Case Free In Each Bag?

 Bonus Waterproof Phone Case

  • SHYLERO beach bags tote contains a waterproof phone case inside each bag as a nice bonus feature. The case acts as great storage not just for your phone but for all of your smallest most valuable things (like your wallet and car keys). 
  • You can either keep it in the bag with the valuables inside or if you go down to the water or away from your things, bring it with you. This will give you the peace of mind that the hard-to-replace items in your possession are safe. If you are going in the water, rest assured that once you have sealed the case with your belongings inside, they will stay safe and dry in the water as well.
  • When you purchase a beach tote of any type, it is a good idea to make sure it includes such a phone pouch as it very well might be the most convenient feature of the bag for someone concerned about guarding their valuables at the beach.

Can I Use A Clear Or Mesh Backpack As A Beach Bag?

  • A mesh backpack can be used as your beach bag if you are not concerned about things getting wet inside or just simply do not have a lot to bring with you. For example, if you are going to the beach on your own, everything you need to bring could fit into the backpack. This makes for a convenient light carry to the beach.
  • The clear backpack is a much better alternative in terms of waterproofness level.
  • Backpacks have some other conveniences. If you are concerned with keeping your things safe, but would like to go for a walk down the beach or need to use the restroom, you can throw all your possessions in your backpack and walk knowing your things are safe in your possession. 
  • Many choose to take a bicycle down to the beach. The backpack is an excellent choice for bikers as beach totes would not be overly convenient when riding a bike, but a backpack is perfect for that situation.

Where Can I Use A Beach Bag Apart From The Beach?

  • The beach bag can be used in a multitude of other environments. It is perfect for bringing with you while traveling, staying over at a friend's house when you are visiting a pool or going on a cruise. It's ideal for going to a picnic in the park as well. It has ample storage to store a variety of items and is very convenient to carry around.
  • You can even take the beach bag to the store for shopping or to the gym as your gym bag. The bag's versatility is perfect for any situation.

What Is A Sand-Proof Beach Bag (Mesh Bag or Mesh Backpack)?

  • A mesh bag is typically considered sand proof and therefore makes an excellent choice for lightweight option for beachgoers. Because the porous mesh surface covers it, any sand that does get into it will mostly empty on its own. This is a perfect choice if you need to see most things in the backpack or bag's outer pockets, making it easier to retrieve the object you need.
  • Mesh beach bags and backpacks feature some outer pockets to provide extra storage. Internally the backpack has a zippered hanging pocket, perfect for additional smaller items that should be separated from the rest. 
  • The mesh bags can be used for going to other destinations outside the beach, such as the pool, overnight stay, and even to the grocery store. The backpacks have even more versatility. They are not only suitable for almost anything a mesh beach bag is for. They work over one's shoulders, leaving your arms and hands free for anything else you need. 
  • You can bring these with you to school, the beach, the gym, camping, and even as your carry-on item to stadiums. This makes it easy at security checkpoints as the mesh shows a lot of your backpack's contents already without having to open every individual pocket. 

Do I Really Need SHYLERO Extras Like Key Holder, Bottle Opener, And A Waterproof Case At The Beach?

  • One of the best parts of the SHYLERO beach bag is the well-thought-out little conveniences. The waterproof case can keep your small valuables safe and dry and can be brought along with you when you leave your beach stuff to go in the water or for a stroll along the beach. 
  • While most beaches do not permit glass, you can use the bottle opener if you use the bag for other purposes, like a picnic or an overnight stay. Sometimes you are handed a drink that does not have a twist-off top, and then everyone scrambles to find the last known place of the ever-floating bottle opener. No need for concern, when you know, one is conveniently attached to your bag. 
  • The keyholder is a great place to throw your keys on rather than tossing them in the bag. If you need them later to run to your car, for example, you know exactly where they are and do not have to dig through a large back to get to them.

Where can I find detailed videos about SHYLERO beach bags?