• Clear backpacks are not really as novel as many people think. Although they have been commanding much interest in recent years, they have been making waves for a long time. Many people would not know that this concept isn't a recent innovation. An interesting trend sprang up about three decades ago. Several students and some other individuals across the States began a show-off of some sort. Some of their valuables and accessories were being displayed in transparent bags. That marked the beginning of the clear backpack exploration.

  • In essence, what happened in the 1990s with transparent bags, which had been perceived, then as a caustic representation, did not get as much public interest as we are witnessing today. Although many individuals have viewed the new trend as an awkward piece of luggage, the changes in civilized societies have made it inevitable. Communities and organizations are more concerned with social safety than recurrent traditional fashion trends.

  • The translucent feature of the clear backpack has raised many questions and has ultimately left the public with mixed reactions toward its acceptance as a norm. Among the concerns expressed by many individuals is that of personal privacy protection. No doubt, the use of this carrier leaves little or nothing to the imagination. Each of the user's possession is exposed to the probing eyes of the public. Many have suggested that such exposure could draw the unsolicited interest of thieves and mischief-makers. Everyone loves their privacy. As such, exposing one's personal belongings while going for an outdoor activity often leaves one with the feeling of a breach of privacy.

  • No matter how we look at it, the average human person is skeptical over entirely new trends. It seems we are all inclined to traditional ways of doing things. But some organizations and individuals have defied traditions and societal norms to delve into concepts that received many objections at first but later got celebrated as pacesetters. This is common amongst stars and celebrities who have been giving new definitions to apparel and accessories. Some have been seen on occasions adorning pieces of clothing that left little or nothing to the imagination. This never stopped them from winning the admiration and loyalty of fans. The concept of the transparent bag can as well be viewed from a similar standpoint.

  • The surge in security concerns across cities and nations has stirred up increased interest in the clear backpack trend. Especially after several cases of indiscriminate shootings in schools and places of worship. There has been news about random shootings at malls, clubs, and other public places. With these and many other security breaches, it should not be expected that organizations and government agencies will look the other way without coming up with policies that could help to control the proliferation of such criminal acts. Numerous organizations, such as schools, have come up with policies that promote the use of transparent bags for better safety.

  • Such policies as these do not come without some dissenting opinions. While some people have lauded these decisions, some see the novel guidelines as an infringement of people's right to privacy. Understandably, with the use of transparent bags, very private possessions are exposed. The fearful, tingling sensation of having one's possession accessed by thieves is daunting. There may also be a sense of embarrassment. No one feels good when their very personal gears become a subject of moral scrutiny. But when these seeming inconveniences are placed side by side with the vast benefits of these unusual carriers, the rewards far outweigh the danger concerns in view.

  • Backpacks often turn out the best options for carrying essential and heavy items for a lengthy timeframe. Most people find it convenient to fill the backpack with loads or materials while going about their outdoor activities. Environments such as school, work, the gym, the beach, or outdoor games require such convenience. The human hands are not meant to hold onto weighty objects for a prolonged timeframe. Backpacks are also preferable to handbags because handbags do not share a similar capacity for dynamic and expansive outdoor usage.

  • Outdoor activities should be exciting, convenient, and enjoyable. Nevertheless, the fear of losing pieces of stuff to thieves and miscreants has led people to be often concerned about the safety of their possessions. Activities at the gym, beach, pool, or games can be quite distracting. There's every need to find a balance between having fun and having one's valuable items in a safe condition. Thieves and mischief-makers understand the psychology of the human person. They monitor their would-be victims and go for their possessions at those moments when they are most distracted.

  • There comes the necessity to equip yourself with convenient backpacks that would hold your needed items together whenever you go out for work, school, business, beach, security checks. The organization and safety of your gears should be brought into reckoning; you may need a clear backpack for efficiency. It provides convenience, safety, and excitement. Putting down a few bucks for one will save you from much stress and distractions while enjoying outdoor activities.

  • If you would like to own a transparent bag that will meet the need for whichever purpose you need to fill, then you'll have to pay attention to the next few lines. There's a need for you to understand some of the features that the clear backpacks are made of. You may need to get acquainted with the slight differences in the various models so that you will have a better knowledge of the product you want to acquire. They are all classy and stylishly designed. At SHYLERO, we have a unique design with specific patterns. So, ride with us as we get you acquainted with further information.

Features/Materials of SHYLERO Clear Backpack

Clear backpack features

  • At LERO FAMILY LLC, we have the Clear Backpack for School XL, which is large and roomy. Sized at 18" x 14" x 8" which is thirty one and a half liters. It is a fantastic pick for school, nursing moms, beach trips, or just daily backpacking. It is made of high-grade PVC that has been patterned to keep all your items visible. Its bonus lock is TSA approved meant to protect your valuables. It offers a fitted key holder and bottle opener. It has a comfortable adjustable fastening and small handle that makes it easy for the transparent bag to be taken around.
  • The clear backpack has an exclusive lock feature that could serve you for extra safety - the Japanese 2-way Top Zipper, which is quite dependable. It comes with three internal compartments, one is zippered, to organize everything neatly. It also has elastic pockets on both sides that can be used to keep recreational consumables such as food packs and drinks. Two large pockets are seen on its front, with zips, that can contain extra items.
  • SHYLERO PVC backpack is also freeze proof up to 14°F (-10°C).
  • Most backpacks are created with materials that give out the bad smell, especially when exposed to a humid environment. But the clear backpack is different. As long as it has been kept clean and does not contain foul-smelling items, this backpack always smells fresh. Some models are entirely waterproof, suitable for beach expeditions, or walking in the rain.
  • It is also trendy and can be used for multiple occasions. Whether you intend to use the clear backpack for work, school, or to pass through security checks, the bag is always up-to-date. A teenager in high school would find as much convenience in using it as a University undergraduate. It fits into almost every outdoor occasion and is gender-neutral. The flexibility of its designs appeals to people of all sexes.
  • Use it as a gift item. This type of backpack is so classy so much so that an average individual wouldn't mind receiving it as a gift on their special occasion. It can be handed to a student as a birthday present, or to a couple to mark their anniversary. When given to a technician, he will appreciate a beautiful piece of an item that will make his job more manageable. Also, a gym enthusiast wouldn't mind getting one as a present on his special day.
  • The clear backpack helps for faster security checks. In a world that is so full of uncertainties, where nations and territories are becoming more security conscious than ever before, this product serves a great purpose. It makes provision for faster inspection at security points. All the contents of the bag can be viewed without much scrutiny. This helps to bring down the number of people waiting on cue points.
  • The features of our backpack are among the best protection against theft in public places. It is expansive on the inside with smart designs that enable it to contain various tools or items needed during outdoor games or while spending quality time at the beach. Its all-around has been prepared to hold several items required during outings and vacations.
  • The clear backpack is easy to clean – unlike many other materials used in creating bags, the high-quality PVC used in making this type in focus provides for easy cleaning. Simple use of a wet cloth or wipe on the bag will leave it clean, fresh, and smelling good.
  • Money-Back Guarantee – SHYLERO offers a 100% money-back guarantee. With every purchase of a clear backpack, your satisfaction is expected. You also stand to enjoy a lifetime customer support following a transaction. The company's round-the-clock support desk is available to attend to all your questions.

Other Types of Clear Backpack

  • We have seen that the civilized world has far gone into the era of clear bags. This trend may have to stay with us for a long time. Apart from what we have at LERO FAMILY LLC, several other patterns of the transparent backpack might interest you, and here they are.
  • The Freeze Proof Backpack Thi has been made to survive freezing conditions. Backpacks have the penchant to cracks, primarily when used to convey heavy items. That is among the challenges identified in its use. The numerous cracks might ultimately wear out those beautiful designs leaving the carrier with little or no use. Freezeproof PVC has been used in the creation of this type; it safeguards it against deterioration. It also comes in different sizes that would meet the need of everyone. It comes in large, medium, or small sizes. All genders will feel comfortable having one for outdoor proceedings.
  • The Rolling Clear Backpack is made of transparent PVC and comes with wheels. The wheel makes it easy to be rolled on tarmacs. It is patterned to ease movement through airports, offices, malls, and such like places. This is one of the most popular designs available. It is among the cutest and the strongest. The clear PVC used in designing it makes visibility possible. Heavy-duty PVC, which is thicker than the regular type, has been used in creating a variety of designs. It can also carry quite heavy materials.
  • Transparent PVC Multi-pockets School Backpack is suitable for school use and also for other outdoor events. It has multiple compartments with zips that are so transparent anyone can glance through the contents without interference to the view. It has a large enough room to contain essential items such as books, laptops, and other writing and study materials. The pockets seen on the sides have been designed to hold some food packs and water bottles and beverages.
  • Girls' Cute Transparent Clear PVC Backpack - This is smaller in size but beautifully designed with warm colors such as light blue, lilac, coral, and pink. Some have flowery designs that are gender-friendly. It would not have the capacity to contain more important items such as the laptop, but tablets, accessories, and phones can be well placed in it. It is best suitable for female kids. Based on its unique designs, it can carry average-sized school materials and is moderately usable for the beach. Such essential items as laptops, books, tablets, phones, and some writing materials, can comfortably fit into the compartments. It does have an eye-catching effect.
  • Clear backpacks come in several designs and numerous connotations. If you're interested in visiting the online marketplaces to search for certain specifics that may meet your needs, you may want to check out the following keywords to use. Clear mini backpack, clear plastic backpack, small clear backpack, mini clear backpack, trans backpack clear, clear backpack American apparel, clear trans backpack, clear backpack amazon, clear rolling backpack, clear stadium backpack, clear vinyl backpack, clear mesh backpack, backpack with clear window, kids clear backpack, clear heart backpack, large clear backpack, clear backpack Florida, clear sling backpack, clear backpack purse, staples clear backpack, clear backpack NYC, clear PVC backpack, clear toddler backpack, and backpack with a clear pocket for pins.

FAQ About Clear Backpacks

Can I carry any clear backpack into a venue that has a clear bag policy?

Sure, you can. It is transparent all over. The bottom part of it is also clear. Some such places do not allow fabric bottoms that are not clear. So, this is a 100% see-through bag. What it all means is that you can be sure your clear bag will be allowed. The clear bag policy reduces the amount of time spent on cues and makes the work of security personnel easy.

Our backpack is made of the best materials. It is so clear that they can pass any security checks and perfectly work under policies put up by schools and related organizations. We have also updated the straps, and they are now thicker and curved so that the backpack sits comfortably on shoulders.

Where can I use a clear backpack?

You are free to use your clear backpack at the beach, stadium, concert, airport, or festivals. Anywhere you wish. But be sure to check the size of the bag that is allowed for the festival/concert you want to attend. This is because our backpack might be too large for those events. There will be no issues at the beach or the airport. Clear backpacks are convenient when it comes to keeping together essential items. Having a transparent bag is trendy and leaves your possessions visible to the public view while you are out at events. It is also classy, and with its numerous compartments, your items for essential needs are kept within reach. 

Why do we need to use a clear backpack?

The clear backpack is large and roomy, making it easy to carry your entire valuable while going for outdoor activity. It is made of high-quality PVC, which has been designed to keep all your items visible. It has comfortable adjustable straps and small handles, making it easy to be carried around. It also has a unique lock feature that could serve you for extra safety. Most backpacks are made of materials that give out the bad smell, especially when exposed to a humid environment, but the clear backpack is different. As long as it has been kept clean and does not contain foul-smelling items, this backpack always smells fresh. It is also trendy and can be used for multiple occasions. It can be used as a gift item. The clear backpack is easy to clean. Some of the features of this backpack are among the best protection against theft in public places. It also makes it easy for you to pass through security checks because every item you have can be seen in seconds. To cap it all, SHYLERO offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

How do I clean a clear plastic backpack?

The clear backpack is very easy to clean. Unlike many other materials used in creating bags, the high-quality PVC used in making this type of backpack provides ease of maintenance. Simple use of a wet cloth or wipe on the pack will leave it clean, fresh, and smelling good. This can be done daily, weekly, or as often you require based on its routine use.

My kids' elementary school has a clear bag policy, but they are not enthusiastic about carrying a clear backpack. How can I ease their concerns and get them interested in choosing one which they'll be happy to carry?

For some reason, kids in elementary school may not like to use this bag type because of its size. The sizes are usually bigger and may be more suitable for children in the mid-school upwards. However, some smaller sizes may be recommended for elementary school kids. The clear mini backpack and the small clear backpack have been designed with durable transparent material. They have adjustable back straps, which makes them easy to be carried by younger kids. They also have compartments for some little personal needs that the child might find useful, such as water bottles, food packs, and beverages. 

Interestingly, objections to the clear backpack don't usually come from kids in mid-school. We've had mostly positive feedback from parents with teens at the stage of schooling. However, if there are those in this age bracket that are not particularly interested, you can somehow augment the backpacks with some shiny trinkets that will capture their interest.

If there are older teenage children in high school who may not like this type of bag, that should not come as a surprise because at this stage, they have attained puberty and are more conscious of their privacy than ever before. A little pep talk can do the job of convincing them. Just tell them it is fashionable these days and offer some incentives such as a new iPhone. 

Our backpacks are so clear that they can pass any checks and work under school policies. We have also updated the straps, and they are now thicker and curved so that the backpack sits comfortably on shoulders.


Where to buy a clear backpack?

You can get a clear backpack from our company's website. Just click here.

You may contact our 24/7 customer support at the bottom right of your screen (live chat). You also stand to enjoy a lifetime customer support following a transaction. The company's round-the-clock support desk is available to attend to all your inquiries.

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