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Waterproof Backpacks


Waterproof backpacks and dry backpacks

A waterproof camping backpack is exactly the thing without which travel is impossible. Your active vacation requires maximum concentration and attention for you to succeed. Preparation for serious trips or extreme sports is especially important. One needs to take care of the most necessary when going down the mountain river, climbing mountains, surfing, going fishing or spending the night in the forest. Surely, that you are not on holiday in a 5-star hotel, but even in such hazardous conditions, one can feel comfortable. And now imagine a situation where you got wet in the rain froze and want to eat. You pause for dinner and set up camp. You have already managed to enjoy the long-awaited stop, open the bag, and there - everything is wet: from woolen socks to sandwiches. And how to be now?

It is an unpleasant situation, you will agree. Stop worrying and thinking whether your things get wet, whether you need to wrap the phone up in cellophane, whether it is going to rain, how not to wet the bag with a wave, what should I do if this happens, etc. So, a prudent person, whether an amateur athlete or an experienced traveler, always takes with a waterproof camping backpack going on such trips. Also, it is useful not only in nature but also in the city, if you are forced to go in the rain or heavy snow. Top managers also use them in everyday life as well as the plain people while taking long walks outdoors.

So what does a dry bag backpack means?

  • It is either waterproof or water-resistant;

  • It keeps things dry even in heavy rain;

  • It is made of a special material, which differs from ordinary ones;

  • You can take it with you to any aquatic environment;

  • No need to protect additionally things inside because they are already in safety.

This article will familiarize you in detail with all features as well as tell you how to choose your item. With one type of a waterproof backpack, you can go through the waterfall and the personal belongings will not get wet, but you can't do this with another model. We will tell you about all these nuances in detail. After all, there are different materials and levels of protection. Even zippers are waterproof. Some models have special compartments for laptops, tablets. Some can be immersed completely under the water, others are undesirable. A variety of sizes, colors, types of the seam will make you choose for a long time. Moreover, even the quality of the seams is essential. Therefore, carefully read the information, determine the type that you need and purchase only high-quality goods.

To sum it up, here are the different situations where a backpack can come in handy:

  • Long cycle ride;

  • Traveling in terrain with changeable weather;

  • Kayaking, rafting, boat fishing;

  • When doing any kind of ocean sports;

  • For everyday use: school, courses, university, work, etc.

Waterresistant or waterproof? What does it mean and which one to choose?

It all depends on how you are going to use it and for what purposes. If you intend to take it with you for walking or traveling around the city, without a long stay in nature in unforeseen circumstances, then it is better to look at the water resistance one. 100% waterproof backpack is fully adapted to soak in the tropical rain and immerse completely under the water. The seams and zippers also do not let water through and are covered with an additional protective layer. This will definitely keep things dry even in the worst weather conditions. Such waterproof backpacks can be put in a puddle and nothing will happen to them.

Dry backpack

What material to choose?

Modern manufacturers try to reduce the weight of waterproof camping backpack as soon as possible. Sometimes they succeed, but these three materials remain the most popular:

  • Vinyl waterproof backpack material


  • PVC waterproof backpack material


  • Silnylon waterproof backpack material


The first two are a very heavy, thick, but durable material. Great for wearing abrasive, rude things. If you know that you will carry a waterproof backpack everywhere and will not keep it safe then this material is what you need. Durability guaranteed.

Silnylon is a waterproof fabric. It is a lot lighter. Suitable for traveling with a backpack, when it will be covered with strong packaging. The material is also wear-resistant, but inferiors to the previous two instances.

Production technology

This is the second important characteristic after the type of water protection. Decide on a list of things before going camping. Obviously, it depends on many factors, including the duration of the trip. If you go for one day, then you need to choose a smaller one. Overnight stay requires additional things, therefore the needed volume is more. Usually, there is a volume of 5 to 40 liters on sale. Of course, you can have several bags, and the most important thing among them is a waterproof backpack, where one can put those things that should not get wet, which is also convenient because there is no need to protect certain kinds of travel equipment from the rain.

Another important point. Sometimes the full capacity of a large waterproof backpack does not correspond to the capacity of those parts that are completely waterproof. What do we mean? In some cases, the fabric in different parts possesses diverse properties. This means that there may be compartments completely inaccessible to water, and most of the bags could be only water-resistant. Read the description before choosing.

Welding is an expensive project for several reasons. Firstly, not all fabrics are suitable for this process. This means that not all waterproof fabrics can be joined together and thus only water resistance is created.


Creating a really high-quality item that keeps things dry is a rather complicated and costly process. Designers are slightly limited in their ability to realize their ideas because not all fabrics are suitable. It has passed an immersion test firstly. Then the components should be assembled so that there are no holes between the joints. If they are small in size, then they are great for rainy weather. However, underwater, these small holes will let enough water in to spoil your luggage.

Most companies use thermoplastics welding. Simply put, this is the melting of several pieces of fabric together. This is achieved by using ultrasonic sound waves.

Bring to the attention this scheme
  • Enough for small personal belongings

  • Take this size for a day-long trip

  • For a diurnal trip with all belonging that you want to take

  • One may stay overnight with a minimum of stuff

  • Good for overnight in a tent with heavy gear loads

  • For more than a day trip

Waterproof backpack weight


The lighter the bag, the more comfortable it is to carry on your shoulders. But the materials for its sewing themselves are quite heavy in comparison with ordinary fabrics. But still, you can find yourself an easier option for convenient everyday use. Compare weight when choosing your product.

Storage and compartments

To have a waterproof camping backpack without compartments means to have nothing. It is completely impossible to use a bag in which everything is thrown over. The more compartments, the easier it is to use the thing. It can be both internal and external pockets. Some have specific purposes and are designed for a limited type of things, such as a phone, tablet. This protects against unnecessary damage, scratches while carrying.

External pockets give quick access to the most necessary equipment. For example, you can put a bottle of water or a sandwich in the mesh compartment. Some clothes have a waterproof cover that does not hinder quick access and at the same time, everything is tightly closed.

Waterproof backpack color

Which color to choose?

Many would say what the difference is. Partly you are right because most people prefer low-key, cool colors like a black waterproof backpack. But if you want to be different from others, then you can choose bright shades. This is perhaps all about the aesthetic side.

Concerning the practical component, you can focus on the weather. It is known that white color reflects rays better and, naturally, it is heated less. Even if finding this color is problematic, anyway, yellow or green will not be as susceptible to heat as black. Keep this in mind when traveling in sunny areas.

Also, a bright or fluorescent backpack will be better visible for rescuers in emergencies, hunters or at night on the road.

Waterproof backpack style


For many, especially women, it is important to look beautiful in any situation. You will agree that it's a little ridiculous to walk around London with equipment as if you had just descended from Mont Blanc. And the fabric itself will be different because it has a smooth texture and looks like rubber or silicone.

Fortunately, there is a huge selection of colors and the size of the bag also matters. The more compact, the more attractive.


In addition to all the characteristics of the water proof backpacks, it is still important how convenient it is for you. You will not be able to move quickly if the belts rub your shoulders and the weight is distributed incorrectly. It is not only inconvenient but also dangerous to health. There are many ways to make your waterproof backpack more comfortable. For example, padding in belts. They are very soft and do not cause bruises. Some companies create memory foam and padding that adapts to your body shape and for even weight distribution. It is also important that the external frame does not create discomfort. If it causes back pain, then it's not worth talking about comfort.

How to understand that a backpack is of high quality?

Several nuances can characterize quality. If you see coated zippers on your backpack, it means that it is reliable and things will not get wet. The fabric itself may be of high quality, but many holes on the raw zipper can cause a "flooding" of the contents. Be careful.

The problem with the fabric is somewhat more complicated. The fact is that many of the so-called impermeable materials are dense nylon fabrics - DWR. Regardless of tissue density, there will still be holes. For this, there is a special covering membrane. It copes well with its task but eventually is erased.

Sailcloth is good quality material. It consists of several layers to retain moisture and is difficult to wear out. The name speaks for itself - this fabric is used in the marine environment and is constantly in contact with water. If it withstands wind gusts and constant moisture, then it is suitable for a waterproof camping backpack.


We wrote a lot about differences, features, etc. But for distinct types of travel, you need various backpacks. Traveling around Europe is one thing, and backcountry is another. Different conditions - different needs. If you are traveling in areas where it frequently rains, the satchel must always be tightly closed. But if you have planned surfing classes, then you will surely need things very often and there is a need for a lot of compartments and preferably external ones. Some dry bag backpack has additional so-called built-in functions, such as hydration bubbles for water supply.

Tips for using a waterproof backpack

  • Do not delay the care routine;

  • Wash or clean it every time after use

  • Do not store the product near anything that could damage its coating (e.g., hot temperatures)

  • Lubricate zippers

  • Do not fold it before the outside has dried off the water droplets

How to take care of a dry bag backpack?

First of all, read the label, because everyone can have their characteristics. If there are no restrictions, then it can be washed. It is even useful. The fact is that the crushed particles of dirt settle on the material and hold moisture, thus destroying the protective membrane. But you should not wash it too often, because this is additional friction, which erases the protective layer.

To use soapy water and a small sponge is the best way to clean. Before the cleaning routine, shake out all the specks of dust from the bottom, even if it seems neat to you. After that, wipe everything with a damp soapy washcloth. Make sure all soap is washed off.


We have given many examples of the fact that a quality backpack requires a lot of costs. Therefore, the prices also depend on the material, type of connection, level of protection against water, size. Remember that the better the quality, the longer the wearing time.

Look for options where the features of your backpack are reasonably priced.

Reasons to buy a waterproof camping backpack

  • All goods are very high quality and made of good fabric, which will definitely keep your luggage dry. If the model is sewn with seams, then it certainly will not leak moisture. There are also 100 percent waterproof backpacks without stitches. They are sewn with welded seams, i.e. without any holes. In this way, neither rain, nor dust, nor sand is a threat. Besides, if a bag falls overboard, it will not immediately drown, and with a small weight will float at all.

  • Personal belongings can be conveniently placed in pockets, which are in a big amount: a large compartment, mesh side pockets, an inner secret pocket, and side straps - all this will help to maintain order, even if you are not attentive to it. A sunblock, a surf wax, keys, a wallet, a mobile phone - all is on top and in sight. There is no need to remove all things to find the necessary trifle at the bottom. With a large number of compartments, you can always keep the most important parts handy and completely safe.

  • Soft adjustable shoulder straps, a hip belt and a soft back that adapts to the body will not cause discomfort and will allow you to feel the minimum load during long trips or when carrying heavy equipment. A dry bag backpack is suitable not only for water sports but also for completely domestic purposes, including movement around the city or a trip out of town. It does not matter what it is: several days fishing in a boat or going to the store. In any case, the content will remain dry.

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